In order to obtain the maximum growth and development of our horses, we regularly analyze our paddocks, roughage and lucerne.  Our lands and paddocks are then fertilized and treated according to the results of the analysis.  This is done in order to at all times ensure that our paddocks are comparable to those in the world’s established horse breeding locations. 

All of our horses are fed TRM supplements, as we believe that these products are the finest supplements available in this country.   The results we have achieved since switching to TRM supplements have been mind-blowing and clearly discernible. 

Our attention to detail of each of our horse’s individual nutritional and environmental requirements allays the myth that one cannot breed horses on the Highveld. 

Heversham Park’s water supply is of the highest quality, with a mineral content that is acquired from water passing through deep natural aquafiers, and obtaining an extremely high level of lime and calcium.   No additives are necessary to either purify or supplement the natural water supply, which results in a unique taste which is unpolluted, and, as such, is lapped up by both the animal and human residents on the farm, all of whom benefit from its high mineral content.   

These factors, together with our natural environment, cold winters and warm summers, ensure that our young equine athletes are raised at the highest possible level.”


CAPHORMIN is used for optimum skeletal development and conformation, fed predominantly to broodmares and their foals. It is unique in that it contains a balanced combination of macro-minerals, trace minerals, amino acids and the added benefit of Sodium Zeolite, a bioavailable silicon-containing compound. Calphormin gives young horses the best start they can get.

GNF is a gut nutrition formula used mainly for babies and young horses. GNF assists in maintaining optimum gut health and function,allowing maximum utilisation of feed. GNF supplies a unique formulation of prebiotics, amino acids,seaweed extract ad specific minerals necessary to aid in the recovery and maintenance of a healthy digestive tract.