Racing shares problems, globally

Racing shares problems, globally

Here is a short letter from US racing fan John Durante from Arizona, written to the Paulick Report. It shows that, even in the US, there are problems to unite and work together for the good of racing.

With alarming regularity I am watching reports about the need for any number of racing coalitions in varied jurisdictions to “come together” to address the many issues of the dying sport of Thoroughbred racing.

On the heels of absurd opposition to HISA in places like Texas, Nebraska and Louisiana an unending spats elsewhere about every imaginable topic, the question must be asked — is this possible?

It especially must be asked because as problems mount details continually beg the question “Who is the adult in the room?”

With the possible exception of the recently proposed Pimlico redevelopment and state land-swap with 1/ST Racing, it is hard to point to much in the sport suggesting it is anyone. 

Against the backdrop of these boondoggles, just who in racing is supposed to come together to do what? When that happens who, if anyone, has the administrative skill, guts and moral authority to lead change for the betterment of the entire industry? My careful look reveals the answer is no one!